Saturday, October 1, 2011

my beautiful cats!! all died in a week

all of them are totally naugthy cat.
like to play with me and
love to hear they "miauw" when starving.
they like to run here and there and scratch the sofa.. haha..missing them alot!
my most like Garfield cat is called Tutak..weird name isn't it??
so gemok and montel like to huggggs him and sleep with him
i cried at night after heard Tutak died. T.T i love him, he's so manja with me.

this one is called Putih. because of his colur..
looks like female, but it isn't hehe
the most nakal pet i have.

this one is called Siam.
coooo cute and "lentok" if being touch...
and super adorable cat i have..
i love his eyes and mouth like wanna kiss him always...

in a week,
all of my beautiful pets died..
sakit muntah2..
terkena cacing..
sebab dorang muntah kuning and ada cacing..
don't know what is the source..
kassian kan??

semoga roh mereka berada disisi-Nya
mungkin tengah berlari-lari and makan makan tersedap yang belum pernah mereka makan... kan? =)


  1. better mati dari dier tersiksa.. dier kne penyakit parasit dalam badan... makanan dier kne jage.. im cat lover too ^^v

  2. @Da Niel thx.

    @Aizat Chik Sulaiman
    tak pasti makanan apa..sebab dua ekor yang lain elok ja..huhu

  3. so sorry to hear that ayu,moga2 kucing2 tu berbahagia disana;)

  4. keciannya,,, takziah ek.. ehm btw, please read my story dat ive post it... (dua dunia)