Friday, September 30, 2011

Hong Kong Disneyland...a-must-visit-magical-places

i am very eager to go to Hong Kong Disneyland
i always imagine to go there..
when will i reach there huh?
oh so sad..

it would be niiiiiiiice if i'm being sponsored to go to Hong Kong Disneyland
but who am i? not an artist, not so wealthy person,not even a bussinesswoman
-jus say it, and you will be there

i really want to be there T.T
so now i want to make a resolution regarding my dream vacation
in 5 years now i will reach Hong Kong Disneyland...

come and lets take a tour why am i so eager to go there..

i want to take picture here...Lol!

i want to have long walk in this magical places

i wanted to take photo in front of this palace of mine! wink~

it so much wonderful and beautiful at night view

i want to see the parade on my cinderella, snowhite, miney and mickey mouse absolutely wanna take picture with them...
oh can't wait!

i would feel like a child and young again...aww

i want to ride the Flying elephant, Orbitron, Hello Mad Hatter Tea Cups
see cute stall with cute type of food look like Miney.

oh stop dreaming ayu!
-back to reality-

gudnite peeps~

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