Sunday, May 31, 2009

happy Gawai & keamatan guys...

ahha..i 1 read ma blogs..
but its ok..
8least, i hv the intention to wish all ma frenz who celebrating the festivals
p/s: take care, dont drink too much..=P, n njoy~~

princess ayu

Friday, May 29, 2009

new hair new spirits..^^

i hope so..eventho ma mum scolded me 4 cut ma hair down n for sure forgetting ma old hairstyle happen not in plan nothin to do...hwever i juz wana try hair like bcl, its been a week, na not i mean 2 weeks for me to tink bout it...but i really2 cant believe tat i make it yay!! * 8least i am on ma way goin across the, i'm the type of "hard to make a change" >i dunno hw long i keep my hair style long n straight, n y i can stand wif it for long time hurm<...actually ma pingu stil didnt c ma new hair..i juz freak out wat his responds..wew...well2 me is still me..maybe i'm a loyal person..perhaps?? check it out ma tranform like a butterfly,,new life baby....=)

Quotes for today -----> dare to make a change!! ^^

apart from tat, i oso in "taking pic mood" juz wash away ur stress n go wif me hihi..i believe i can a butterfly...

princess ayu...mmmuahh

Monday, May 25, 2009

LOve is wat??

Love does gives us a fairy tale...

love makes us lived in our own world, only both of us & never think bout sumting doesnt matter who u love but wat makes u love n mersmerized bout him/ is the great feelings within u tat u cld explore more at the moment the love begins..

Loves is unpredictable. It yield the happiest moment in life but it also can put u in sorrow in juz in a sec..
i believe tat all girls dreams juz to have a fairy tale love story like am i..all tat we wish to ended up n settle down as wat i want..& juz cldnt wait d the time to enter d blissful life with your lover....appreciate each other, communicate well, trust n being honest may take you to the journey of the Lovelands n experience the ocean of love...


Love is the way you make someone feel.
The way someone makes you feel.
Love is the sharing, the caring
The want and the need.

Love is not just a word.
Love is a power with unknown strengths.
It has the power to make someone smile.
To make someone laugh.
To make someone love you in return.

Love is what your heart feels.
What your heart says.
Ignore your heart and it will fade away,
Listen to your heart, follow your heart, let it sing.
Let it run free and it can bring you anything.

Love is a bond.
A way to keep people together.
Love is everything wonderful.

Love Is You

*Author Unknown*

Princess ayu

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

nice to ponder.....=)

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
-Eleanor Roosevelt-

juz think bout it guys......

Love xoxo,
Princess Ayu

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

1st time slept in hospital..

actually, i dun think tat my litle sister (nana) is admitted in hospital.
as i noe tat my mum need rest coz she had to go to work on d nxt day, (oso ma sis mela need 2 go to skol). thus, i feel responsible to take care of her (nana).
actually im scared lol..bcoz 1 of d patient died in the evening. but i need to show tat im brave enuf in front of nana...only God knows..=P
i couldnt sleep at all...huh..i feel to tired on the morning (today)
n wen i went take me for hours to sleep, while ma dad @ the hsptl wif her...
tonite, i still need to keep accompany her...i love ma much
wish tat im lucky for not seeing d ghost tonite Lol...=)

adios all...n love from me,
princess ayu

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

frenz forever...

the time for us to say gudbye is so soon...
owh i'm gonna miss them too much..sob sob sob
i feel forever young wif them..thx frenz..=D
all the moments ::funny:: happie:: sad::
will kept lock in our heart..
love u the cheekies 4ever...

here are the cheekies
from the left------->
chee2, izzatul, me ma self,risma,julia & carol (in front)

btw, the funny 1 i think is tat since i had spend almost time wif them, i
i didnt realize tat i had changed a little bit here n there,
until my bf said while we talk on the phone...
"u hv change a lot.."
*bout the the way i talk, laugh & ...dunno* =P
haha...its kinda funny..bcoz they cn influence me in sum kind of things..
thus its kinda true wen ppl said
"u cn see ursef at ur frenz......"

princess ayu

Saturday, May 2, 2009

razzle dazzle dinner ever...=P

dinner to say gudbye 4 us.....its kinda sad to end diz course...
the memories tat owez stick on my mind and be kept in ma heart...
lets take a dear frenz....i looooove u all...muaxx xoxo..(^-^)V

wif julia...

can i say---the hot babes we hv here...Xp

me & the supermodel...hehe

the elegante....

Frenz r everyting dude...Viva forever.....Frenship is never ends.........

till then,
princess ayu xoxo..