Tuesday, May 5, 2009

frenz forever...

the time for us to say gudbye is so soon...
owh i'm gonna miss them too much..sob sob sob
i feel forever young wif them..thx frenz..=D
all the moments ::funny:: happie:: sad::
will kept lock in our heart..
love u the cheekies 4ever...

here are the cheekies
from the left------->
chee2, izzatul, me ma self,risma,julia & carol (in front)

btw, the funny 1 i think is tat since i had spend almost time wif them, i
i didnt realize tat i had changed a little bit here n there,
until my bf said while we talk on the phone...
"u hv change a lot.."
*bout the the way i talk, laugh & ...dunno* =P
haha...its kinda funny..bcoz they cn influence me in sum kind of things..
thus its kinda true wen ppl said
"u cn see ursef at ur frenz......"

princess ayu


  1. benar ya...mcm c cung li...mudah d bentuk oleh kawn nya, kawn nya suka A, A jua di sukanya...lebih krg cm ya lah.

  2. haha..aku la antranya...mula2 aku xsdar pn...
    sampe la c baim pdh gia...hehe =P