Friday, May 29, 2009

new hair new spirits..^^

i hope so..eventho ma mum scolded me 4 cut ma hair down n for sure forgetting ma old hairstyle look..haha...it happen not in plan actually..got nothin to do...hwever i juz wana try hair like bcl, its been a week, na not i mean 2 weeks for me to tink bout it...but i really2 cant believe tat i make it yay!! * 8least i am on ma way goin across the border......fyi, i'm the type of "hard to make a change" >i dunno hw long i keep my hair style long n straight, n y i can stand wif it for long time hurm<...actually ma pingu stil didnt c ma new hair..i juz freak out wat his responds..wew...well2 me is still me..maybe i'm a loyal person..perhaps?? weeww...so check it out ma tranform like a butterfly,,new life baby....=)

Quotes for today -----> dare to make a change!! ^^

apart from tat, i oso in "taking pic mood"...so juz wash away ur stress n go wif me hihi..i believe i can fly...like a butterfly...

princess ayu...mmmuahh

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