Wednesday, May 13, 2009

1st time slept in hospital..

actually, i dun think tat my litle sister (nana) is admitted in hospital.
as i noe tat my mum need rest coz she had to go to work on d nxt day, (oso ma sis mela need 2 go to skol). thus, i feel responsible to take care of her (nana).
actually im scared lol..bcoz 1 of d patient died in the evening. but i need to show tat im brave enuf in front of nana...only God knows..=P
i couldnt sleep at all...huh..i feel to tired on the morning (today)
n wen i went take me for hours to sleep, while ma dad @ the hsptl wif her...
tonite, i still need to keep accompany her...i love ma much
wish tat im lucky for not seeing d ghost tonite Lol...=)

adios all...n love from me,
princess ayu


  1. pa kes adik aku yu? patut lah kau busy dah, jrg dh ku online ku tangga.

  2. aiya..lmbt aku reply...
    ria nya jerawat d tepi hdg, then gatal tgn punya psl d kaco2 nya so kmbg smpe ke mata...ada infection...
    so...bebait..jgn main2 n kaco jerawat d muka..
    bleh msk hospital ngutik tdo sia..haha