Saturday, December 24, 2011

my funny face. well its a package u you know.

i'm forgot oredi about pictures challenge i've join Lol!..many things i've been up to..but still since i can post it, i think its i my funny face..erm, its not only me,, but i have a friends also in! tehee.. well said, I miss the old days..wif my best friend everyone with their own life..but hope that they keep in their mind, even though i'm silent with no news, with no update status in Facebook (since i'm crazy about blogging, twittering, flickr-ing, tumblring, aand all kind of social mediums..and Fb becomes boring and boring and dull thing for sorry to say Mark..), i still updated with their stories...i wish and i hope so...even though we are far apart, but not in my heart..

love ayu.

to all the cheekies-miss you all!!

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