Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy Birthday to me, happy New Year Friends!

 Happy Birthday to me!! whoops 9126 actually~

i'm so grateful and i'm blessed with my life
i do appreciate things around me more
there's are many beautiful and wonderful people surrounds me
to make me who I am Today. thanks all for everything.

yea, its quite sometimes i do feel bad when i have to go through a tough time in life.
feeling down, nowhere to be found and Lost. But no matter how bad the situation is, there are tens of thousands of things to be grateful for in life.

with my most supportive family i am thankful as sometimes they been so worried of me..they gave me everything they possibly could, protect and care..for all my friends, even though i don't have a large number of close friends but i know they are a lot of good people who I can count on, who pray for the best of me, care about me and wants the best for me. thanks a bunch. 

thanks 2011, for the best memories and lesson learned..Hi 2012...please be nice to me...
Happy new Year everyone!! nice to know you..

p/s: oh i'm so motivated to come back to school for 2011...wish all the best for me...=)

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