Friday, June 8, 2012

Shiloh Bradgelina Tomboy? Feeww..

Shiloh Nouvel anak gadis Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt turn out to be a tomboy?

hurm..we do expect Angelina Jolie will dress her own daughter sassy, girly and princess-like girl -pink dress, cute-wardrobe, with designer handbags and high heels like Suri Cruise do! But oh hell no! Jangkaan kita salah sama sekali.. Shiloh have the other sense of style..she has chick-tomboish haircut..wearing masculine clothes, sneakers and very different style to Suri Cruise kan kan..Suri is soo girlie, comel and i personally think that Suri Cruise is the best dressed girl.. hehe because i love girly girl =)

Lets take a look to Shiloh Nouvel tomboish picture. 

but if she ever grow up and dress like this, and creates her own fashion style, tomboy-chick style
i think she nailed it down. it's the way she express herself and as a parents, Jolie and Pitt just give some freedom to let her experimenting with style that she love.

should or should not, Shiloh wear masculine outfit? what do tou think?

image courtesy: OhmyDior

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