Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Killer High Heels: Beauty and agony.

Killer high heels : lovely to see..it is perfect to show, not for go!

ya, i am killer high heels lover
but why i'm saying like tat?
[it's kinda sign of betrayal for high stiletto lovers! =.='']

how beauty your leg is when being put in those perfect high heels..but some said it is not worth it.
Killer heels do kill you in the end.

well, Behind every beauty thing, there's some kind of pain. - Bob Dylan.

woman always tend to look good, but worry the pain later.
woman risking their health wearing those ridiculous high heels
to look gorgeous and eye catching..(including me hehe)
urm enough said, extra height and confidence it gives to us are well worth!
isnt it, girl? agree?

i wear high heels nearly everyday..[during my workdays]
and now i'm suffer sore and tired feet. Ouch! Serve me right! =.=''

thin heels lovely to see but so not good practically..
and is it worth it just to attract admiring glances, but having a pain in the end?

i let you to think.

p/s: to be honest "i earn money to wear that..so sukahati la.." 
this sentences do kills me : p  matilaaa....


  1. tingginya... sakit kakiku. haha

    suka pakai wedges je ;)

  2. memang sakit kaki ooooo...hahhaa ouch!
    wedges pun menarik jugak...best!