Thursday, March 7, 2013

beautiful stylo double rings collections [pictures]

I love double rings and i admirers it a lot. so cute, so kawaii, got popular moustache, ribbons, stylo owl..and much more. Perfect gift for your love ones! they gonna love it.. let's check out some beautiful stylo double rings collections pictures i found through the net..

cute double ring collections

trendy double ring collections

owl double ring collections

owl and butterfly double rings

beautiful isn't? doncha wish your girlfriend trendy like this? Donchaaa...

p/s: perfect gift for your besties too :)

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  1. double ring? habis tu camna nk lebarkan jari tu?? haha.. joke ye tuan tanah, btw semua kt ats2 tu cantik2 belaka :)

  2. lawaaa ! bila la ada org nak kasi :D
    follow sini :)

  3. ASlliiii pengen yang PEACE :3 dijual gaaa ?? kalau dijual boleh doong email ke rachmanoerfadilla@gmail.com yaaa