Friday, August 31, 2012

Pandelela Rinong vs my Super Blues Week

there you go my super duper blues week..
that's the feeling right after how many days celebrating Hari Raya
and u have to go to work?? oh nooo...the worst feeling ever - seriously said.
such Raya feelings at all..why dont the gov just give free four days leave for Merdeka-Raya?
arghh but its ok la.. at least i've survived Raya-Blues-Week.. *sigh~

so why Pandelela Rinong became the highlights? here, my blog?
actually i brought my students to celebrate Pandelela in Kampung Jugan, Bau here..her hometown..
believe me, it such-a-cowboy-style-of-trip-ever : no preparation, no notifications, nothing!

we are being called upon, got letter ask us to be there (the event) ON that morning and buses is all prepared! don't have time to take breakfast since i have full period on that morning (teaching)
and i am so so so starving!! got to get my Dutchlady full cream milk only! hewww.

since, we got there at 9.40 am (i do think so) too early for the event ( at 11am)
i felt so dizzy as the whether is too hot and sunny and have to ask all the students to line up along the road and wait. for many hours. and the most important thing is I am Starving!! duhh.

so this is how it begins..picture speaks louder than u are..
say Hi to Pandelela Rinong, the winner of Bronze medal in Olimpik 2012..i met her!
opss nooo la..such exaggerating =.='' ..i just saw her from far heeee :D ~~

all line up..was happy even not yet having breakfast..hue

 the sopan side of me :)

 Here you are.. Pandelela Rinong...
and Dato' Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek the Minister of Youth and Sports.

believe me, this is why i dont wannabe a superstar!! too many reporters surround you..
i want to live like a normal person...
*ahhh tembirang!! :)

Flight Super Deal?? Seronokkkk..mana nak carik macam ni..

oh btw, Happy National Day, malaysians :)


  1. Hahah kan rimas begitu ;D
    tpi congrats to her mengharumkan nama negara ^^

    1. haha absolutely! pergi cenggitu je..aduii
      a'ahh kan... =)

  2. miss..knpa kmi dketepikan...????? sungguh unfair...:'(

    1. miss oso dunno...miss pun dapat "Suprise" on tat morning. Lol :D