Sunday, January 8, 2012

Nur Amalina Che Bakri

Nur Amalina Che Bakri becoming a trend days before..even when you Google her name, she's in the Wikipedia. who is her? She's the one who achieved 17 1A's in SPM  and becoming such an inspiration among students in about her biodata is not my point or talk about her leaked controversional Pictures is not my intentions. Well, i'm here not to stand for her, but please who are we to judge people? 

we cannot just hate her, insult her, bash and trash her by looking at those pictures where we don't know the truth.

You don't walk a mile in their shoes so don't judge by what you saw. Sometimes we simply accused people and hate. she's just living her life like us and never expect that there are strangers, society or 'too much concern' people out there, always be ready to judge her just like that. That's the bad side of Facebook, when you share too much about your  life, share what you're doing by uploading photos, maybe you will becoming the victims of an 'uninviting judges' as they cares about you so much..

well, take a lesson from this. don't just simply share your life Via Facebook. cause we don't know what people might think about us..nobody is perfect in this world including YOU.. =)

goodnight peeps!


  1. sama entry kita. tahniah yooo :)

  2. I dont want to talk about her, want to talk about princess ayu. look much better with that tudung hitam.. macam tengok Maya Karin dlm Ombak Rindu O_O terpegun! hehehe

  3. @mr_abs kmk lucu ngan kitak tunggah kmk yoooo hahaha...mcm ayoyooo ajak bang e

  4. @Eric aiyoo sweet talker...hehe, i'm wayyy to far from her o...

  5. @princess ayu no seriously, ramai awek yang tak pakai tudung, bila pakai tudung nampak bertambah-tambah cun. from my eyeview la, orang lain tak tau la eyeview diorang cemana.