Saturday, January 7, 2012

7/366 days : I can't stand Fever, cough plus headache

its a new start of the year
but i'm so fall sick on the first week of 2012..
due to not good weather now, heavy rainfall almost everyday...till several parts of Kuching flooded
Oh My I cant believe Flood in Kuching..

ok back to the topic,
i cannot stand with this Fever, cough plus headache i have now..
hurm..should be nice to me 2012..i've remind u already before..hhuhuhu

why me?? huhu..i don't have appetite to eat..
i lose my voice and i almost can't talk!!
dont have enough sleep, oh this cough is really killing me!
so itchy at the "kerongkong" there
If i can take you out and clean it..and yes i use the word "IF" 
but sad..i can't huh

done drink plenty of water
oh even i bring bottle to class as i can't talk much 
as voice not come out Lol! tht's make me super tired.

done take Panadols!
if i take Panadols, that means i can't stand the pain anymore.
Go away Fever i don't need you to accompany me!!
(i am the one who always skip going to hospital and see doctor and also take pills..ngee
that's why if you see me take some, it mean my health is really not in a good condition XD)

done take the cough syrup..
what's the thing that piss me off?
I can't sleep at night
it is sooo itchy deep down at my "kerongkong" there

YES, i need enough this cute baby...
may i  take MC on Monday Mr Boss?

pity me. T.T

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