Saturday, July 21, 2012

Paris i'm in love!! best wallpaper can be hung on the wall

do you love paris as i do??
i love eiffel tower of my favorite places and dream on to be there..
i fine day...will go there..

such an eye-catching picture..oh i'm in love..

paris in blossom
i personally think its beyond perfect to stick this picture on the bedroom wall..
and i will do it for the sake of the appreciation of the place, i want to go for vacation one day..=)

ow wow..this is stunning and amazing it!!

don't you think by looking at the eiffel tower picture
will make u more happy??
it works on me u know,, so do u?

p/s: lagi tambah happy bila ada Buffered Earning dari Digi...Digi live zero and Digi Seribu Jam
thank u so much Nuffnag for your kindness.. silalah lekat lagi kat blog Pinkbubblegum Princess ok..=)