Tuesday, July 10, 2012

like me but i don't

feeling awkward when he stares at me. i have no-good-feeling-at-work when i know there's a someone likes me at workplace. it makes me feel really awkward. maybe sebab mulut saya ni peramah and i'm cheeky and talk sweet..orang salah faham. bukan sebab perempuan layan awak dengan baik cakap lembut and terus buat assumption that i like you. i feel awkward seeing u...even i don't dare to see u and will pretend that you are not there. kalau boleh i mengelak jumpa u.., still didnt get the point? huhu....i don't know how to explain..

my dad always said "Don't you ever play with someone's feeling" - huhu macamana cara terbaik nak cakap ah? i dont have any idea at all..it really awkward when u stares at me, and didnt talk any words..=.='' 

uh..do help

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