Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Good bye 2013, Hi 2014 :)

Yesterday 30th december 2013 is my 27th birthday..i'm happy for the blessed birthday, with the loving family and the one who-cannot-be-named always besides me on my big day.. and most importantly i have the best present and really a good news on my birthday..yeay!

I'm blessed with my life.. i never imagine that i will have two side of me.. i love the reality tat i reach my own potential and will always learn to be better in the upcoming year.. i love to do all i love to do, i mean my blogging life, my part time business - so appreciated to those who have supported me all this while, and i'm so much thankful for that. Since i would hate my job if i'm not in this business life as i find out that at the certain time (some at the lower point of my life) job is always being routine and i would be boring..Business thingy helps me to be myself and makes my life colourful and wonderful..explore the other world and learn more, it makes me upgrade and not stagnant.. i do think so..

but undeniably i love my job too since, it is so nice to teach people, to explore others potential, to believe in people potential and inspire them to be a success people. i know i can't become a doctor (lol siapa suruh bila exam sy pergi dating?) but i always dream that at least one of my students will become one..and i know they can..wait for this upcoming SPM 2013 results in march if i'm not mistaken. The best students is produced..yeay!

noble me isn't it? lol!  I hope 2014 will cherish me more, give me more suprise and will be awesome to go through. amiin.. thanks 2013 for the lesson, the beautiful and bittersweet memories, chapter 2013 has ended and now, eh today at this moment is the first page of 365 days of 2014. dream big, shoot for the moon even if you miss, you will land amongst the stars.. Happy new year everyone.., love. ayu