Sunday, March 4, 2012

Macam-macam Cheekies! miss them all~

i just dunno i miss them
i'm hardly shows my love and care
i seldom text
even call them...
but i'm pretty sure that all of them are always in my heart.

suddenly missing all the cheekies very much!
to the max..i go and look after old days memories
by browsing pictures in all of the cheekies fb!! weird
but guess what i got? Tadaaaaa!! like each memories just pop up in my head
and some of pictures makes me smile and remember happy moments spend with them.

let's look at what we've been thru..
muka hingus-hingusan ini!!
well Girl Just Wanna Have Fun timeee!! =)

they are crazy
they are clumsy
they are cheeky
sexy, beautiful..all

well kami memang havin' fun gitu lho! =)

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