Tuesday, February 14, 2012

now i hate facebook even more!

i hate facebook more..now. in time..
sebab? orang sesuka hati share their emotions..apa yang mereka rasa betul,
menyumpah seranah, says F*ck, K*mak (in Sarawak), and other bad words, 
says bad things about people, smashing, bashing others without feel guilty, judging others publicly, sharing notes that not appropriate for the young to read, humiliate other religions just to show that they are in the true path (meaning that not respect others) 
and most important why i hate it so much....
they say bad things but they got many likers...
wtf! hey grow up people! 
its just like they agreed to the bad things or bad words that these "bimbo" said..
love their actions of how they treat others
and very happy to humiliate people..
it shows that our society become more uglier nowadays.

is this the way we educate the young generations?
they see and they learn u know..
please respect others.
and i'm so sick of this action and that's why 
Facebook is getting more and more boring and much annoying thing to me
and brings bad effect to the society..very bad social media i guess so.
ah bikin kepala stress lah.
-from the observer yang makin muak dengan perangai manusia-manusia yang rasa best mengata orang-

bah,, kepala pening fikir, jum try cium bau perfume Heiress by Paris Hilton..
i love it..walaupun dh launched 2006 lama dh itew ok..
tetapi bau dia best...menenangkan jiwa yang runsing, fening and stress tadi..
bau sweet-sweet candy, fruit-flavored , macam bubblegum..like this blog also..
feel like comel jer pakai..packing comel, kecik and ada glitter..very girly and very childish..like barbie..
and yang pentoing orang akan notice.."eiii comellah bau perfume u.." bwekk.. k bai..

p/s: i'm super stress with work juga now..hehe


  1. sgt lh betul tp ... kmk bencu org yg slh gn fb.. bkn fb...hihihi...

    1. betul betul betull...rami org salah guna Fb..menyebabkan FB looks like "IeeeW"" hehe

  2. forever alone, jadi mau di luah pada fesbuk. hikhik

    1. hahahha.....so pity them..they "facebook" their problems not face the problems..but almost all teenagers doing tat..

  3. di Sabah pun kami pakai k*mak.. hehehe~..

    1. hahahhaha Sarawak n sabah pula itu..sa fikir kmi seja...takut takut org x faham hehehe =)

  4. standard la itew~ cakap jak, buhsannyeww~ tup2 sejuta like.. haha..benda berguna 1 like pn xda..=.=' ppl nowadays..

    1. hahahhahahaha bengong nak?? ya ok lah asalnya x ckp burok2 tapi orang rami like...aku sik suka ya haha

  5. facebook these days penuh dengan orang berbalah tentang politik...
    sakit mata.. menyemak sangatt~

    1. ya indeed! too many keyboard warrior kan? hashtag 'cakapjelebih'