Wednesday, January 7, 2015

(31 photos)Marian Rivera and ding dong dantes weding pictures!

Dongyan wedding is truly wedding of the year 2014 and deserved to be called royal wedding..Such a beautiful fairy tale princess wedding!! have magical touch and and every girls dream..the bride is so gorgeous and the groom is handsome.. Marian Rivera and Ding Dong Dantes perfectly suit each other. Not even bored to see their wedding pictures and always feel like i want to see more.. Dongyan coupleare perfectly together. Let's take a look at Marian Rivera and Ding Dong Dantes wedding pictures.
marian rivera and dingdong dantes wedding
she's just beautiful..

dingdong wedding
dongyan wedding photos

girls dream wedding marian rivera wedding
marian is walking down the aisle

marian rivera wedding gown and veil
beautiful bride she is

marian rivera and ding dong dantes wedding
marian rivera wedding dress

dongyan weding website

marian wedding dm123014
Marian rivera's mum and dad

marian wedding veil
marian rivera wedding veil picture

marian wedding
beautiful marian rivera
marian wedding
perfectly together marian and ding dong dantes

dingdong wedding

dongyan fist bump
marian rivera nad ding dong dantes fist bump

marian rivera wedding dress
the most beautiful wedding dress 've ever seen

dongyan facebook
there you go Mr and Mrs Dantes

dongyan kiss wedding
dongyan kiss aww

princess style wedding
dongyan dance

daddy's little princess
marian dance with her dad

dongyan married
beautiful princess wedding

dongyan kiss

marian rivera and ding dong dantes kiss
marian rivera and ding dong dantes kiss

marian rivera and ding dong dantes latest

marian rivera wedding cake
marian rivera massive cake

marian rivera and ding dong dantes wedding cake
too big to handle -- the wedding cake

marian rivera wedding
beautiful princess marian rivera with her parents

dongyan kiss

let's be focus on Marian Rivera bridal attire also known as outfit of the wedding day

i really think this is the most beautiful wedding dress for a bride and this is always a girls dream..marian rivera's wedding details is the best!  i really love marian's wedding dress..just like the princess in the fairy tale we have ever seen in movies
marian rivera princess wedding dress
marian rivera wedding dress is the ultimate beautiful

marian rivera wedding gown idea

princess wedding deas fairy tale
aww she's so beautiful

marian rivera wedding dress ideas
marian beautiful wedding dress

marian rivera wedding ideas
marian rivera hairstyle, wedding heels 
look at marian's wedding crown - perfect!

marian rivera wedding gown ideas
aww she's one lucky girl in the world

marian rivera wedding

this is every girls wedding dream..right?
marian rivera wedding attire is perfect, included the crown, marian's wedding heels, dongyan's wedding cake, the scenery, dongyan wedding photos also perfectly taken..oh i love them so much!

i adore their wedding

enough, need to rest now
jealousy is filling in my heart lol!

psst: picture is take from
marian rivera intagram
marian rivera facebook
ding dong dantes instagram


  1. Sama cantik sama padan! Suka tengok crown, hairstyle, kasut & makeup Marian. Cantik secantik orangnya. <3

    1. aah kan.. tak jemu pn mata memandang gambar kahwin marian rivera dan ding dong dantes ni