Friday, February 4, 2011

as the times goes by, i do realize tat sumtimes wat we plan will be differ from wat we originally dreams before..deep in our mind we would think why,..why it all went wrong..yeah, for telling u the truth life is all about sumting tat we could not expect at all. it is beyond your imagination and day by day we will discover the preetiest thing tat makes us more mature to handle everything..

i wish tat i could be young again,, coz the adult life isn't good as wat i'm expected to. being young i know i can juz appreciating life more, having fun and got nothing to do with the word of "decision making". i totally hate tat. wth. tears is my super loyal friend now...;'(

hope for the better soon...
"forever isn't as long as it used to be"...............
dont be a fool and keep hoping.

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