Sunday, July 14, 2013

Common stupid mistakes in LOVE.

wisely said quotes. sebab selalu happened di sekeliling. I've heard stories like this. always. Girls problem, they love the ones that hurt them much. Perempuan bijak pandai, masters holder pun jadi willing victim. Padahal ramai je lelaki lain berebut-rebut nak takhluki hati dia, but still they want to keep holding on. What screws girls most is the picture in their head of how it's suppossed to be. expectations does hurt. But somehow senang nak cakap, senang nak komen but if we are in their situation..what will you do? To boys, may win the game. but be contended. maybe all of you just take your girl for granted. you want to find more attractive, intelligent, more trendy, beautiful in comparing to your lover--yes life is full of temptations. But did'nt you ever realize there are people greater than you, have great personality than you..But Still She Chose you. just think about that.

ladies must read story marriage box 

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  1. Ooo bena ya. Jaga ati dikpun bok jaga ati urg. Appreciate urg nok appreciate kita ;)

    1.'s hard la kadang-kadang, but give it a try kann

  2. Assalamualaikum... sedih ok kalau melibatkan relationship :(