Monday, November 26, 2012

Is true love ever exist?

personally i keep questioning is true love ever exists in reality. yes, we've seen true love in movies, in books, novels makes us believe that true love does ever exists. don't you think it is just a fairytale? some part in my heart believe it does exist, but the other parts tend to disagree, keep telling me there's no such a thing. 

but looking at above pictures, maybe it makes us believe that true love is not a fairytale, find and search for it wholeheartedly. have faith.


  1. Replies
    1. actually both couple kat atas ni dari china..zaman dulu takde kamera so dorang xpernah amik gambar now baru ada peluang amik gambar baru till death do us apart.. :)

  2. true love exists dear, bile kite bercinta dan berkahwin demi Allah.. in shaa Allah... hope u'll find ur true love darl, if u have found him, semoga bercinta sampai syurga!

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