Friday, July 13, 2012

yet she still choose you.

there's high and low in lovey dovey story..well, life is full of temptations. it really depends on your heart. if you want it to really happen and ruin all the sacrifice you have done, and you both had all this while ; well its up to you. yes, there's sometimes you do need our own space. we tend to do navigating in finding the perfect one as we want the best,,who don't? you want more attractive, perfect body shape, romantic, caring, loving more than what we have in time. don't you realise you too are just normal? not perfect either. love is to complement each other. there are a lot more guys/ girls out there are flirting to your partner, yet they still choose you. Don't be a wicked asshole to never realize that. you'll be regret of losing someone who love you with all their heart and at the moment you realize it, you're just too late..sigh~


  1. sometimes...tercari2 mutiara, lupa yang berlian dah dapat kat tangan..-my thoughts-