Saturday, June 16, 2012

Diakah Mr right?

yes we know a guy is serious when he ever say about future with his girlfriend. bila mereka start menggunakan ayat "We" or "us" meaning that you are always in the right path and one of their future. hurm..ada peluang ya, girl? but its kind of frustrating when there's some guy, cowardly-type or enough said not-brave-enough always give an excuse that they are 'not ready' and said "got no money, no assets, no house, no cars and blablabla and all other reasons he can say". Alasan semata. rite ladies? agree? =)

A guy who we can rely on to should able to be with you no matter what he try his best. u know what, i personally pernah terkesima dengan pertanyaan one uncle..ada satu couple. why mereka dapat kahwin, sedangkan lelaki and perempuan xda pekerjaan? lelaki tu boleh ajak gf dia kahwin and berusaha mengahwini gadis itu walaupun dia tak berharta..yeap, i dont have any answer for that. so guys, money is not the reasons untuk mengelak untuk berkahwin. it really depends on kehendak. samada NAK atau TIDAK. hubungan yang MAIN-MAIN atau hubungan yang SERIUS. Because my late grandma ever said, 

tetap ada rezeki untuk sesiapa yang berkahwin.. yes, i do believe in that.. do you?


  1. Haha.. dua org yang percaya akan fairytale ada kat atas ^. Lol.

  2. love yang fairytale ada dlm movie..real punya..manada sama erkk..:p