Sunday, April 8, 2012

stupid ME.

i'm 26.
people will think i'm old enough.
i am disappointed with myself.
i can't make a good decision.

p/s: i actually dunno why people interrupts people life but acting like they don't
don't they feel ashamed and guilt?
building happiness over someone's misery..


  1. orang macam tu memang xtahu malu .. buat bangang je ngan org cm tu .. bila org bt cmtu .. nnt die akn kena balik .. kan karma namanye tu ..

  2. yeap..buat2 baik tp stab from back..i do belief what goes around comes around.. hati tgh panas juga ni.. hehe thx kak,,

  3. Blogwalking here...

    cik iena follow your blog..
    follow my blog juga ye(^_~)