Thursday, December 1, 2011

fictional boyfriends.

fictional boyfriends are perfects. always and they do!
girls love them and i do.

boys in movies makes us believe that there's eternal love
there's someone who dare and try hard just to be with us no matter what

sometimes its quite depressing to find one like them..
that's why i love fairy tales
the boys are perfect
does it means that i'm a perfectionist?
No! emmm..

my fictional boyfriends

michael scolfield. he's smart, body kacak, cute, perfect.

i love Charlie Kenton- a very good dad ( i want a loving dad for my kids! )
ashton kutcher- my all time favorite fictional boyfriends..Lol!
he's too cute, romantic, handsome. I WANT HIM =)

"boys are better in movies and in books."
do you agree?


  1. lol... probably...
    if we demand perfection, then we must be perfect too, right? ^^

  2. @Nik Ahmad Fariq hahhahaha..u just said probably..and not deny it. =), yes, i must agree with you..i'll try my best to be a perfect spouse then Lol! =D

  3. I think its true and it also apply vice versa (fictional girlfriends). in reality, really hurts. sigh..

    1. lol!! seems like there's people think about the same thing! yeay ;)

  4. aku sehensem ashton. boleh tak buat statement macam tu. hahaha