Friday, October 28, 2011

well let's make a way back to 90's-did you remember this song?

this songs reminds me of my childhood time

where we are crazy about moffats, m2m, and one guy who looks like a girl -
hurm how can i forgot his name at this moment..?

it doest matter..
lets make a wayy back to 90's
refresh our minds and reflects backs all those sweet memories.. =)
i MIs$ you like Crazy - Moffats..
well i miss you boifie...


  1. wow...terkenang zmn dlu.luv diz song back then.

  2. one guy who looks like a girl = taylor hanson, from HANSON yang popular dengan lagu MMMBOP.

  3. ni lagu feveret masa skolah rendah...bestttt

    jom tgok PM syg kucing...hehe..tq

  4. @azfar hranica oh ayu ingat dah...Gill...Ingat Moffats feat Gill in If i only knew... =)