Saturday, October 22, 2011

Britney Spears Official lyrics Video "Criminal"..i love u Brit!!

Britney Spears..
yes i'm her big and then..Lol!
well, she reminds me my childhood times..
dunno y,,because i loooove to see her live concerts and tried to
immitate her dance OMG crazy i am...

she's hotness personified..
ermm ya she has a most beautiful body and so much hot before
i love her body in I'm a slave for you video..
( even a girls die for---me lah! =D)

i' personally glad that Britney Spears
make a come "back" and "strong"
from the dark side of her life...

lets enjoy her official lyrics videos..."Criminal" from Britney Spears..

He stole my heart bum bum bum...
woman basically had poor choice in guys..
they basically loves the guy for no reasons
as if being controlled by the guy??
do you agree??

p/s: if u dont like her...step aside..heeee ^__^ jangan marah =)

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