Sunday, October 30, 2011

10 most cute girls and balloons photos : can feel the happiness inside?

i really love balloons...
more colourful is better
and i feel like a child
the feelings is cannot been explained

hence i love pictures of a girl with balloons
i think a pre wedding picture with colorful balloons is quite interesting
because loving couples balloons are like showing the love is in the air..aww
don't u think so?

so here, lets feel and spread the love
enjoy girl and balloons ya!

what you feel?/ happy rite??
if not...look at the pictures again..hehe ^__^


  1. Hi, great pics of balloons, i love red balloons the most. They can be spotted easily from afar. Balloons can make one happy but not when they go 'Bang!!'. Pls do drop by for my story for Halloween.

  2. @Most Desirable Lol!! yea tat's so true...but i really love balloons..

  3. Aww, I love ballon too! they'll make a picture standout,There's always something about helium :D!!