Monday, September 26, 2011

knowing me knowing you~

my Favorite

Number - 2 dunno what's the reason behind it but i juzt love the number haha
Colour- Pink
Day- Friday of course :D
Month- December absolutely!! :) my birthday, long holiday..oh i love that
Song- Kiss the Rain by Yiruma..check it out on Youtube~
Food-sambal mangga and segala jenis kerabu...owh lidah kemelayuan betol!
Sport-netball? erk..hanya itu yang saya pandai main wink~
Drink- Apple juice
Candy-Kinder Bueno
Ice Creame- conetto yang ada sentuhan strawberry..
Season- i wish bergambar di tmpat banyak bunya..
Band -em.. Evanescence
Movie: Humour type...tak suka crita sedeh2..nanti i nangis..
Website: my FB acc, my blog of course, flickr, and twitter .owh cukup lah..haha
Animal: cats , rabbits
Item of clothing :Shirts, jeans, dress, high heels
Word: ah??
Place: Home. [the best place ever!~]

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