Friday, September 4, 2009

bring it on and bring it on again baby~~

yeah new bring it on..BRING IT ON ;FIGHT TO THE FINISH
the new movies is staring by cristina millian -----> yeah she's good at dance yippie~
she's not white girl...i mean blonde..
its okay btw, juz can't wait to see it..;)
omgosh i love this movie so mucH..coz its sooo cool...and i must say tat i love cheerleading girls..XD...
love their routines and their cheers!!..
and u know what they use pcd song!!!!! (in trailer ya la ahaks) i like...
FYI, i could watch the movies over n over again coz im fascinated with their moves..
and trying to immitate their moves haha *memang perasan lah ompuan tok!
but for truth, i really love the girls & their outfit...i want it badly!!!!

** actually one of my dreams tat i know (couldnt be achieve) is being one of the cheerleading girls...sob sob sob ;"( actually im dreaming to be the cheerleaders kapten XDXDXDXD.....
but its okay...i know i can be a forever cheerleader for my hubby hahaha XD..naa..juz joking btw *so who is the luckiest guy??* blank..awww such a naughty gal..stop it~

i know the pictures is not cute enough to capture our eyes to see it..coz its not p!Nk Lolz!
but lets checkout the trailer...i promise u gonna like it...

so i bring it on baby...

princess ayu <3

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  1. yalah.....hi5 xsabar ehh diat preview nya jak ku dh semanagt ehh....
    geram ehh mok diat...