Wednesday, June 3, 2009

wen boys speak up ;P

i tink diz vdeo gv meaningful mssge for us,
even u r a boi or gals....stay tuned n njoy it..;)

love is unexplained...
it is hard 2 undertsnd coz everyone wish n dream for an 'ever after love story'
but reality is not a beautiful as stop dream too much coz higher expectations will let u down..wat i read in the mag juz nw is hurtin me so much coz women always being 'tertindas' n boys keep on not appreaciating women...Love is like NOTHING....n marriage is not anymore the ticket for a blissful life of heaven, but also as hell..kinda scary rite??

*message from the videos*
~~keep in minds both no one is perfect even us...smtimes we do mistakes by followin' our heart n not realize tat we hv hurt someone we love...

last bt not least,
with love in the loving cup,
whenevr u r wrong, admit it,
whenevr u r right, shut up...-Ogden Nash-

sentimental feelings frm me,
Princess ayu

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