Thursday, June 25, 2009

i'm lost..............

i feel down
sumtime i think i'm tired to react happy n cheeky
while in the bottom of my heart i feel gloomy & sad..
i owez make people smile while others dont really know hw i really feel
deep in my heart
i juz wanna run out from this feelings..
dun ask cz i juz have a mouth shut to tell u
pretending is pain..
i wish i would have a better life in the forward years

yeah..dun wanna talk bout it anymore...
fly me away..
to where i'm belong.................
plz i'm sick of it.

princess ayu


  1. I know...mesti u miss him too much that u somehow feel empty inside. Especially since ur friends are not around u to make u not to think too much.

    Well, another moment of life where u are at the bottom of the emotion wheel. Kdg2 u will feel moody, negatives feelings ol in once but after a few days, for no reason, u 4gt about it again. So my advice, just go with the flow, u r sad, angry, emo now, just go with it. sure u will back to the top again babe..


  2. being alone made me really sad rite now....
    hw i wish time wld heal diz feelin'
    i wanna be strong...
    big girls dun cry..=D
    yeah hope everythings will fine then...thx frenz

  3. ayu..jgnlah sedey..xtahu nak pujuk km lah..

  4. orite jack.....
    xpa..kdg2 i'm gv up..
    did well
    i'm happy dun wory..=P

  5. haih...sama lah kita yu...huhuhu...lebih2 gik nktk ku xda polah pa2, rs bingung jak stay d rmh. Mok cari kj, ku tok penakut..;(

  6. carol:: haha...tlalu bnyak masa membuatkn kta berfikir bnyak...rasa relek menyebabkan kebosanan melanda..hehe p ku xda alternatif pn mk kerja gk tok keh3...jgn tkt..aku sokong kau..hehe =)